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Building intercom system color video intercom


The history of building intercom in China can be traced back to the end of the 1980s. At that time, the building intercom function was simple and the market capacity was very small. However, building intercom products or systems are now integrated, networked, and personalized. There are great differences between different countries, different building structures, different application environments, and different security management requirements, especially China`s independence. Some large-scale community construction and property management, building intercom more personalized features.

Building Intercom Market Segmentation The gradual development of building intercom systems in China, although not long, is promising due to its market prospects. There are many domestic intercom manufacturers, but the scale is relatively small. The market of building intercom systems shows a trend of increasing concentration. Building intercom and television monitoring, anti-theft alarm, access control management, intelligent parking, etc. together constitute the security industry. Due to the progress of society, changes in human life patterns and thinking patterns, coupled with the economic development, the differentiation of social strata has intensified, and social security conditions are not optimistic, all of which have a great role in promoting the development of the security industry.

Black-and-white video intercom has become the mainstream of the market. The product life cycle of building intercom systems in China's coastal developed provinces and regions is undergoing a transition from growth to maturity, while the inland underdeveloped regions are still in the lead-in period. The imbalance in economic development has led to a different life cycle of building intercom in different regions of the country, which in turn determines the mainstream of the building intercom market. Currently, it is still black and white. The market potential of underdeveloped regions is huge, and color video intercoms are plagued by high prices and oversupply of functions. Market growth is slow. However, color video intercoms will show an upward trend in the upscale housing or villas. In general, the building intercom system in the national market, in 1998 both sales and sales growth compared to 1997, an increase of about 30%, indicating that the overall building intercom domestic market is in the product life cycle into In the long term, there are promising prospects for development. The overall market will develop from the east and south coasts and gradually develop westward and northwards.

Intercom system function tends to be diversified The building intercom system will be the basic configuration of the intelligent building community. In the newly-built commercial housing design, some cities have been enforced. Building intercom system from ordinary intercom, to black and white video intercom, color video intercom, features more diversified. Such as the door machine to introduce image recognition technology, fingerprint identification technology to make the system more humane; using audio and video digital technology, ARM embedded technology allows the system to directly access the broadband network, using Bluetooth technology can achieve wiring-free wireless building intercom systems, etc. .

Building Intercom System

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