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Visual door bell top ten brand wireless video door phone


Nowadays, many people will install video doorbells in their homes, which is both safe and convenient. So what brands are more trustworthy on the market? Which wireless video doorbells and wired video doorbells are better? Xiao Bian summed up some information for everyone and hoped to help everyone.


Visual door bell top ten brands

1. Jiale JIALE (China Well-known Trademark, High-tech Enterprise, Ten Doorbells, China Security Brand, China's Largest Video Doorbell Manufacturer, Jiale Electric (China) Co., Ltd.)

2, Di Nike (domestic well-known security companies, smart building industry products, well-known brand, domestic security building influence one of the brands, ten bell brand, Xiamen Di Nike Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.)

3, Roule RL (China's largest color video intercom system manufacturers, Guangdong famous brand, ten doorbell brand, China's export brand, national high-tech enterprises, Guangdong Roule Electric Co., Ltd.)

4. Legrand-Vandron (belonging to Legrand Group, ten gate bell brands, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, joint ventures, Shenzhen Assig Corporation

5. Anjubao (one of the most important integrated manufacturers in the field of high-tech enterprise, ten door bell, security field and Smart Home, Guangdong Anjubao Digital Technology Co., Ltd.)

6. Honeywell (in the United States in 1885, the world brand, diversified high-tech and manufacturing large multinational corporations, ten door bell brands, Fortune 500 companies, Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd.)

7. Matsushita Panasonic (Japan, Fortune 500 companies, world brands, large multinational corporations, ten gate bell brands, one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers in 1918, Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd.)

8, Li Lin (China Well-known trademark, the country's largest building intercom equipment provider, ten doorbell brand, the drafting of the national standard, well-known security industry brand, Xiamen Lilin Technology Co., Ltd.)

9. Zhenwei (Affiliated to ABB Group, a well-known trademark of Fujian Province, an influential brand in the security industry, a key high-tech enterprise in Xiamen, a ten-door bell brand, Xiamen ABB Zhenwei Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.)

10, Hydermann Advante (integrated product development / production and sales of high-tech enterprises, ten doorbell brand, wireless doorbell professional design experience in the past 20 years, Shunde District of Foshan City, Haide Man Electric Co., Ltd.)

The advantages and disadvantages of wireless video doorbell and wired video doorbell

Wireless video doorbell advantages:

1, can move freely in the home, easy and flexible operation.

2. It is easier to install without cables.

3, eliminating the tedious process of wiring, reducing the cost of installation.

4, in the long-term use of fault repair more love simple.

The advantages of wired video doorbell:

1. The video decoding of wired transmission is more stable and the video effect is smooth.

2, will not be interfered by the signal, the call quality is high.

3, through wired transmission, can enhance the security of the call.

Comparison between wireless video doorbell and wired video doorbell

Disadvantages of wireless video doorbells:

1, limited to 2.4G transmission distance, can only be used in buildings below three floors.

2. The wireless signal may be disturbed, causing the call to be unclear.

3, video transmission speed is slow, there may be disruption.

Disadvantages of cable video doorbells:

1, can not be moved after installation, use inconvenient.

2. The cumbersome installation and wiring increase the overall cost. Installation knowledge lecture hall >>

3, there are problems in the later period, not easy to maintain.

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